School Management

TAWAM International School


The School is the property of the AHMAD AL NUAIMI GROUP

The SCHOOL was established in 2010 by Sheikh Ahmed Nasser Al Nuaimi of the AHMAD AL NUAIMI GROUP, who is also the owner and Chairman of the Buraimi University College (BUC).

The school opened for the first time in September 2010.

Currently the Management of the School is structured with the following portfolios

  • Chairman
  • General Manager
  • Principal
  • Finances
  • Personnel


Selected and announced at the beginning of each academic year


Ultimately the School is divided in five basic Departments (or Stages) namely

  • Foundation Stage 1 and Foundation Stage 2 (Pre-School)
  • Infant / Junior Primary Department Grade 1 to Grade 3
  • Senior Primary Department Grade 4 to Grade 6
  • Secondary 1 Grade 7 – 9 (Lower Secondary)
  • Secondary 2 (Grade 10 & 11) and Grade 12 (University Entrance Studies)