Code Of Conduct

TAWAM International School

Self-control and self-discipline are two significant character traits we wish to build into our students. It will be expected from every Student in the school to obey and exercise the basic rules below, and it will be expected from parents to co-operate by encouraging the child to show the necessary respect and obedience, in order to make the school a safe, disciplined and friendly environment for everyone.

(Relevant to our current situation at the school and with our basic policy regarding religion, there are 22 “rules.” These rules will be known as our “Code of Conduct” and is subject to changes by the Management of the School)

The Rule on Religion

The school will acknowledge and keep all Islamic holidays as announced by the Ministry of Education. All non-Muslim staff and students will be expected to show the appropriate respect towards the Islamic tradition and custom. However, being an international school the social and religious customs of staff members and Students could be different and they will be free to practice their religion individually and privately. The personal beliefs of a staff member may never be discussed with students, nor may students be exposed to any issues, literature or publications that are unacceptable within the Islamic faith.

The 22 Basic Rules of the School

1. Students must be polite, friendly and greet parents, teachers and visitors with respect.

2. Fighting, kicking, bullying and/or hurting one another will not be tolerated. A Student guilty of this offence will be suspended and could even be expelled from the School.

3. No eating, drinking or going to the toilet after BREAKS is allowed. Only Students in KG-classes can use the toilets between BREAKS.

4. Wheeled school bags can be dangerous by causing pile-ups on the steps and even injuries. If we experience any problems in this respect they might necessarily be prohibited.

5. Sweets, chocolates, chewing/bubble gum, and carbonated drinks are not allowed in the school.

6. Mobile Phones, MP3-players, CD-players, dangerous toys, etc. are not allowed during school hours.

7. All clothing and belongings must be labeled and/or marked properly and clearly because the School cannot be responsible for the loss of any items.

8. We want to keep the classes and School-grounds clean. Students will be expected to use the refuse bins and not litter.

9. The water-areas can become wet, slippery and dangerous. No deliberate or unnecessary spilling, splashing or throwing of water will be allowed.

10. Swearing, any improper, rude or impolite language will not be allowed.

11. The use of any illegal substance like drugs or alcohol as well as smoking, will not be allowed. Students will be expelled from the School when in possession or using any of these substances.

12. The official school-uniform will be the European designed school uniform as well as the traditional Omani dress. The school uniform must be neat and worn with pride at all times.

13. Running inside the building is not allowed.

14. Shouting inside the building is not allowed.

15. Pushing other students when walking up or down the stairs is not allowed.

16. Students are not allowed in the foyer (reception area) without permission.

17. Students are to enter or exit the building through the designated areas.

18. The throwing of stones anywhere on the premises is not allowed.

19. Proper lines for boys and girls separately are required at the canteen. Pushing or barging into the lines is not allowed.

20. Students may not go into any classroom if there is not a teacher present, and especially during breaks, as well as before and after school hours.

21. Deliberate damaging or breaking of school property, materials or equipment will be dealt with in a very serious manner, and a student can be suspended or expelled if found guilty of this behaviour.

22. Students will not be allowed to walk around or to be outside classrooms without proper and authorized supervision or a teacher’s permission during lesson times.


A. Disciplinary actions in the form of verbal and/or written warnings and detentions will be taken with Students who are found to be guilty of, or not obeying the above rules. In extreme matters a student can be suspended or even expelled from the school.

B. The “Rules of the School” or Code of Conduct must not be seen as

  • Something that will exclude the Parent or take away the Parent’s authority! The relevant parent(s) will be involved from the beginning and at all times when and where disciplinary actions are required.
  • Something bad or negative! It should rather be seen as safety precautions or measurements to ensure a “user-friendly and safe learning-environment” for all!
  • Something that’s taking away the Rights of the Students! It rather gives all of them the right to feel safe and protected within a proper controlled and orderly learning environment.
  • Something to be afraid of, or to be feared! It rather is something to be respected and to be appreciated.
  • Security and Monitoring Systems (Video surveillance)
  • Something that will make the School too strict, too rigid or too formal! It will rather make the school a place where everyone will be respected and be protected, and therefore the most suitable learning environment!
  • Something that will be applied or enforced in a militaristic way! In all of the instances where a Student needs to be corrected or disciplined, it will be done with integrity, professionalism, sensitivity and consideration – keeping in mind at all times and asking the following question: “What is best for the Student?”